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Corsair 300r missing screws, where can I find the specifications?


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Hello everyone,


It's my first post here and my first time building a computer.


I'm from Brazil and just bought my Corsair 300R case from a third party e-shop, which came without the installation kit and manual. I'm trying to solve the problem with them but it's taking too long, so I decided to buy the missing stuff myself.


I looked in the corsair website and found this:



There I could find the Carbide 300R Accessory Kit, but no specs.


Can anyone help me with the screws specs? (diameter/length)


Thanks in advance,

Danilo Dutra


(sorry if I made any english mistakes)

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First, your English is better than a lot of people who were born and ruined...er...raised in the USA.


The screws used to secure 3.5" HDDs are usually 6-32 x 3/16" pan head screws. If going through anything thicker than sheet metal to secure a HDD (such as the sides of a HDD tray), you may need to go up to 6-32 x 1/4".


The screws for the MOBO (motherboard) are also 6-32 x 3/16" pan head screws.


2.5" drives and 5.25" devices usually use M3-5 pan head screws. If you are mounting a 2.5" drive to the bottom of a drive tray, you will want to use flat head screws instead.


Fans normally use screws designed specifically for fans but, in a pinch, you usually can get by with #6 sheet metal screws. The length of the screw and the type of head will depend on where you are mounting the fan.


Since you just bought the case and it is under warranty, I would suggest opening up a ticket to see if Corsair will send you the missing items. Be sure to attach a copy of the receipt.

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