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Corsair k70 RGB Malfunction


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wasn't sure where to post this, but came across a few malfunctions. ok, maybe only two, but still.


1) don't try and use to many lighting affects, it will free up the keyboard. in my instance i had a multi-key effect with the seahawks colors and a ripple effect on each half of the keyboard. so when i went to type, it froze the keyboard and reported a malfunction in the software. had to unplug and replug after a roughly 20 seconds to get it back to working state.


2) when i created a profile to be used with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, i i set it up properly, making sure it would switch to the profile once the .exe was initiated, however upon initiating, the keyboard would have an other malfunction and would have to unplug and replug back in.


In addition to the second malfunction situation, it has occured now whenever i start the game. the keyboard will freeze up and i have to unplug/replug the keyboard to get it back to working condition.

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