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ASUS X99 Deluxe and the H105 waking from Sleep issues


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Im using the H105 with an ASUS X99 Deluxe. I have the pump plugged into the CPU_Fan. The 2 Fans for the Radiator are plugged in to the y cable and in to the CPU_OPT. When the computer returns from sleep mode, the radiator fans are running at full blast and remain that way until I restart or it goes back into sleep and when it wakes with fans at full speed. I have ran the fan tuning and everything and have made adjustments in the bios to no avail.


my Q-code also reads 80 when it wakes.


Thank you in advance for your time.

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thenosbad- Yes, was. I found the system runs better without it. More stable.


jameyscott- Yes, I have. I did so many things and in the process created other things to troubleshoot and then just ended up going back to default bios, none of the AiSuite, it just doesnt work. I have an ASUS bluray with a $100 powerDVD that wouldnt work with it running. I am going to install win7 prof so I can get full use of my RAM. It will be here in the AM and I am adding a 1T Samsung SSD. SO hopefully that helps things out a bit. I can almost deal with the FANs, Im wondering if the Corsair Link and Lighting Kit would help in this case?


Thank you again for the help. I am still going to keep working at this and will post my results.

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I would try the chipset and USB drivers.

I rarely use the drivers on the disk supplied with the motherboard.

I get mine from the makers web site because they are the latest ones.

This may not fix your problem but it is worth a try.

Do not install the Ai Suite utilities


Understood on the chipset and USB drivers...

One other thing, I noticed that the Y cable for the 2 fans is a 4 pin and the pump was a 3 pin. So would this matter in the BIOS as far as PWM and DC modes?


Yeah I learned a lesson on the Ai Suite stuff. It causes problems with too much of my other stuff.

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a few questions:

1. thenosbad, why is it a bad idea to update the AI suite? my x99 MOBO should arrive today and I don't want to mess anything up.


2. toedashknee, do you think that plugging the 2nd set of fans into the pump would have worked?

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