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Problem with Raptor M40


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Ok, first of all I apologize for my poor english, its not my first language.

I also apologize in advance in case that this is not the place to post this kind of thing, but I dont know where to ask for help.


So, I have a problem with a Raptor m40 like the title said, I just bought it a month ago.

Everything was going fine, its my first gaming mouse and I was very happy with the performance but yesterday when I connected the m40 to my laptop it start to disconnect and reconnect almost automatically.


The led and the light on the logo turns on and immediately turns off. In the laptop I can hear the ''beep'' that indicates a device has been connected/disconnected again and again.


I tried other USB ports and another PC but its the same, it just keeps blinking.


Here its my question, it's my mouse dead already after just one month? or is there a way to fix it, its a common problem or its just my bad luck?

Do a warranty applies in this case?

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