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Link unusable


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When I installed the Corsair Link software, it was unable to see my H80i. I followed the regedit USB modificiations detailed here:




This does resolve the issue but it has a knock-on effect on my display. For some reason it causes the screen to blink with black flashes.


I am using an Nvidia 780TI with the latest drivers.


I have also re-installed a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 to eliminate any other potential conflicts, the screen behaves normally until I make those USB regedit changes, then after the next reboot I get a blinking screen.


Is there any other way that I can get the Link software to recognise the H80i or is there an alternative way to monitor/control the pump/fans on the H80i?

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I THINK this is fixed now.


Making the reg changes was not an option because of the display issues and actual system instability it appears to cause - I was also getting lockups and reboots.


I am using an ASUS P8P67 with Windows 8.1.


In the BIOS I needed to set Legacy USB to DISABLED and Legacy USB V3 to ENABLED.


I also needed to plug the pump's USB connector to an external USB V3 socket.


Now things seems to be working properly.

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