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F160 randomly not detected by BIOS


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Tried to use my 4 year old Corsair force F160 in a Asus N61JV but randomly disappear from bios during cold boot or hibernation, and makes it impossible to boot from.


Tested with Firmware 2.0 and 2.4, and the bios is also up to date (tested with 2 different versions). works time to time but only from a bios reset each time I boot up but still disappear (less frequently) from bios.


UFEI enabled, ACHI enabled

USB devices are disconnected and only one Storage drive (F160) connected to the PC


First year I had it was not a problem,

2nd year not able to use it with hibernation on a MBP 15 Mid 2011 but almost never hibernated so it was not a problem.

3rd year: went to the wardrobe.

4th year: use it to speed up by girlfriends computer.


Any suggestions from people what to do?

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