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K90 periodically has a few dead and sometimes sticky keys


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Hey guys, I'm a long time Corsair fan who has been really pleased with the vengeance gaming peripherals so far, I own a K90, M65, 1500 and 2100 headset.


I'm gonna be honest, a few months ago I tipped a glass of water (almost empty) which sent a bit of water toward the keyboard, I quickly unplugged my keyboard and removed the keys and used a blowdryer to dry the effected area I also tried to unscrew the aluminum plate to try to see if any water got inside the circuit, but even when I had removed all the tiny screws I couldnt lift the aluminum plate, so I gave up on that front.


After all of this I was happy because the keyboard worked perfectly for two months untill recently where the following keys stopped working: Q W E R § 5 6 Y U, they would randomly work but then they would always be stuck untill I pressed another key.


Here's the kicker though, after a while the keys start working again, I spent two hours trying to find a sollution by using the on screen keyboard and then boom, the I could use the QWER§YU56 keys without problems. This is what has me confused...


It might be worth mentioning that I recently upgraded to a Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 so I'm not sure if there's some problems with that specific mb.


I've also tried swapping USB ports, alternating between USB 2.0 and 3.0, and I also reinstalled the newest firmware twice.


I apologize for any grammatical errors, english isn't my first language and I hope that someone might be able to help me with this mystery! :)

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I got the some of the same prob.


I got 3 key LED's who are dead, and few keys in the numpad area thad had some drink spillin on them.

Sticky at first they did get back to normal after long time pressing them for TS controls.

Dead LED's can be expected in keyboard but after pulling the key caps i did see the aluminum plate.

It had to be removed for me to resolder new LED's or switches.

And so i made plans for a mod getting a diffrent coulor LED's wile i'm at it and re use the blue switches from a old keyboard since my experience with red key's are kina relly bad.


In the end i did none of thad knowing i really want those rgb k95's thad are comming.

But i prob will end up doing it any way to sell this keyboard at some point.

It be nice if someinformation was available for like the kind o LED's or how to remove the plate.

I aim a electrical engineer and i know my way around a soldering iron, but knowing before hand can save some time.

Though finding the correct LED's prob is very eazy.

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