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AX860i powers on then off


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Hy there,

Today i've put together my new build based on i7-4790k, z97-deluxe, 16gb ddr3 dominator platinum, ax860i psu and samsung 840pro 256gb ssd

after finishing it i've entered the bios, changed the settings for sata and boot device. also enabled the xmp profile to run at 1866mhz.

i've installed the OS. when i was ready to read my driver dvd, the pc suddenly shutdown

now when i want to turn it on it just makes all the vents running, all the lights are on, i have a green light on the psu but then it shuts down.

this process takes like 1-2 seconds. i push the button and then turns off.



any suggestions!?

i did a couple of tests with ram, with no ram, with ssd, with no ssd. with cpu, with no cpu.. and it is the same.

turns on and then turns off


edit: i just did a self test on the psu and i saw the vent spinning but the light didn't turn on. not green or red. what does this mean ?

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Sorry I can't really help, but yeah I hear you on the no help. This forum seems dead.


If I were you, I'd get a new PSU and return the old one since it's a new PC. If the same problem, then it's something else. It sucks, but without help and know-how what else can ya do?

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wow.. nobody knows anything? not even staff from ticket support? opened the ticket and no reply there also.

great customer support. :)


the initial request was made on Sunday when Corsair's closed,please allow @ 24 hours for a response.

you can however call and get concerns addressed immediately...

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Good news. its not the PSU, nor the ssd, nor the ram. when the 4790k is connected it doesnt work, when its not connected everything runs as it should.

i believe the flashback bios update didn't worked. tommorow will use another 1150 cpu to see if i can get it working and enter the bios.

strange thing is that bios flashback should've worked.

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