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M45 in depth macro question.


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So I've just bought this mouse and am loving its tracking capabilities. However i don't understand the first thing about setting macro's. Heck I'm not even sure that what i want is possible so i thought I'd ask this community. I was wondering if the following is possible and if so if someone could explain to me how to do it:


On the m45 there are 4 DPI settings of which one is a sniper setting. What i want is to apply the sniper DPI whenever i HOLD the right mouse button and that it switches back to the previous DPI setting if i let go of it. No delays.


Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

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I don't think it's possible to reassign the primary buttons of the mouse.


I tried it on my M90 with hardware playback without success.


You can put in a support ticket and ask if it is possible though.



Usually you need to re-assign the left click and right click to another button before you can change it off the main button clicks.


I don't have the mouse but that's generally how it works with most mice as there needs to be a left click and right click bound at all times.

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