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Shopping for a new PSU


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So I have the whole computer but for the last couple pieces. It will contain all the things in my profile as well as H100i, 10 fans, 4 EL wires, 3 LED Strips, A Corsair Commander Mini (with Light Node), with plans to add 3 more SSDs later (5 total). Also I have plans for overclocking on the CPU and GPUs.


Now, I am conflicted I love how the GS800 looks but it has no link support, is not modular, only bronze certified, and I need it in 1000W. Basically If you could whip together a GS1000i I would happily give you money. Until that glorious day I was thinking of getting the HX1000i which has all the things I need but no fan light and plastic ring that make the GS series cool.


So.. its a cake or spinach sorta thing what I need or what I want. Anyone have thoughts or insights (maybe this is in the pipeline)? Suggestion, maybe I could put a SP140 white LED fan into my HX1000i?

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