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Unable to install CorsairLink Software (Any version)


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I've read through tons of links/how-to's/FAQ's/posts/threads/ect but can't find a fix.


I uninstalled the CorsairLink software and Corsair USB Dongle via the control panel. Restarted PC. Deleted all temp files/app data and then attempted to install the latest (and old versions) with no luck.


I can't install the CorsairLink software (any version it fails to install with a "Runtime Error!"


This application has request the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.


Then it says "InstallScript Setup Launcher Unicode has stopped working"


I click view problem details: AppCrash and other stuff


Any advice?

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did you remove the user/appdata/corsair folder which is hidden by default.,,

if your teck savvy,you can remove corsair references from the reg file however id suggest making a copy of it just in case...

another consideration after uninstalling,a 15 second cold boot is needed before re-install...

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Thanks for the ideas.


I did remove Corsair from the app data folder. I did check the registry for anything Corsair and nothing.


I did shut down the PC and waited to reinstall.


So strange. Will try to get screenshots for you all. I do have two devices in device manager showing a yellow !.. I tried to update driver and no luck.

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