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K30 KeyboArd letter 'A' issue


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Hi All,


I'm stArting to hAve problems with my K30. HAd it About two weeks now And the A key is now refusing to type A smAll letter A. CAp 'A' is ok And 'shift A' work fine.


If I wAnt to use the A key it must be A CApitAl, really stArting to bug me And I cAnt seem to fix it..


This StArted hAppening yesterdAy


Any help.. PleAse


I HAve plugged it into my other PC And it's the SAme.... No smAll A.. Grrrrrr.


I don't hAve Any profiles set And never plAyed with the softwAre..




OK After doing some more research I found the answer to my issue.


Setting a profile name to 'a' in the evga precisionX software caused my 'a' key (lowercase) to stop working. Subsequently tested the b key and sure enough that also stopped working when naming the profile 'b'..

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