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H100i High temps and Red Light


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Hello there,


I had some strange issues with the h100i since a few weeks and everything I tryed did not work out for me.


But lets start from the beginning:


I bought the h100i for my AMD FX-8350 in mid 2013. After a really easy installation the system run well at 35 °C idle and 45 °C Full Load ( 12 hours full load ).


The System ran since then with 4Ghz straight without problems and got every 9 Months a check regarding cleanup Dustfilters and functionality of the fans.


I switched last year to Windows 8/8.1 and had the problem that i couldn't configure the Cooler via Link, till the first version was up regarding 8.1 Support.


Whoever everything went fine till the begginning of June this year: Out of nothing the CPU Block showed a steady red light ( was set to glow constant blue ) right from start till shutdown. The system was stable and i thought it could be a Link bug.


A little time after i wanted to start broadcasting with OpenBroadcaster again and was able to see strong FPS drops now and then -> The AMD CPU throttled its CPU speed down to 1.4 Ghz every 5 - 10 Minutes for 20 Seconds. I checked the core temps and was shocked ( 58 °C Idle / 79 °C Load after 5 Minutes and then the throtteling starts). In This cases right before the throtteling started the CPU Load was not above 60% on all cores!


As I registered this problem, I immediately shut down the system, checked the cabling of Fans / Pump / USB-Link and everything else but found nothing.


So i decided it was about time to replace the Cooling pad from the Stock h100i with a real paste.


After loosing the screws i mentione that the CPU block was extremly hard to loose ( because of the way the cooler is build into the system, i was not able to remove the clamps on the socket) so i needed to pull the Cooler right out -> resulting in removing the CPU block together with the CPU out of the CLOSED! socket.

Thanks to Corsair -> what type of superglue was this on my Cooling block?

Whoever, i mentioned to correct a few pins on the cpu ( a few pins were bend )seat it back to its socket , give it and the cooler a cleanup with some adhesive cleaner and a new load of thermal compound.

The system started up again and now the system still runs instable at ONLY2.5 - 3.5 Ghz even with Reduced VCore to 1.25 V at around 55 °C idle.


The temperature is measured from the CPU / Board and the h100i verified the temps.


right from the first test after this happened for about 24 hours there was a high pitch noise from the CPU Block, after 24 hours and a restart, this sound was gone.


The mesurements from the iLink software verifies: the cooler is working as well as all Fans ( 4 Fans directly on the pump controlled through ILink at 100% ).


Changing powersources ( SATA Cables ) does not help.


Any clue what the problem is and how to fix this?

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