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Problem with shipping my items.


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So last Thursday I ordered:


Mini commander

RGB lighting node

Psu sleeved cables

24v cable


Received shipping notification the following day. Awesome.


Received the package today. Mini commander and node in box but no psu cables.


Contacted corsair and turns out they just decided to ship the psu cables today (I'm assuming they forgot about them or something?).


Problem is this was for a build this weekend. Now I have no psu cables that I ordered over a week ago.. What can I do? How could corsair forget to send half my order?

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I doubt they forgot,chances are they weren't currently available so they sent your other parts on out rather than hold you up on everything...


Either way it's very frustrating. When i ordered it, it said 4-6 business days. I will be recieving it about 10 business days after order.

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