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Vengeance 2100, first charge, flash instead of pulse?


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I just unpacked my new Vengeance 2100, read the manual (What??? Yes, I actually did!), and plugged the headset in to charge as directed. I've not yet turned the headset on, nor plugged in the wireless adapter.

The manual says that the charging light should pulse amber slowly while charging. Instead of a slow pulse, I'm getting a very quick flash every 4 seconds, maybe it's amber, not sure as I'm colorblind, but it's definitely not blue.

My question is, is a quick flash every 4 seconds considered a slow pulse? Or did the electronics used in the headset change, so that this is the new charging indication? Or do I have a bad headset?


I've tried different usb to micro-usb cords, different USB ports on my computer with no change in behavior. It's been plugged in about 30 minutes as of this post.


*Hoping someone will tell me this is normal and to just be patient...

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