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Corsair H100i - noisy pump


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Title correction: Noisy pump or fans!?


Hi guys,


I've seen people talking about how they can't hear their Corsair H100i unless they put their head inside the case or something like that. My H100i is definitely audible from about 1 meter away when it's closed inside a Corsair Obsidian 450D case. Does this mean I have a defective pump? I don't think it's the fans although the ones im using are Corsair (2x SP120 QE PWM-4pin) which are both running in quiet mode in Corsair link (1000 rpm) and the noise is still audible. In HWMonitor the pump is said to be running at 2300 rpm.


Fans in case

Two Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition (one in the back and one is sitting at the bottom) - Both running around 1000 rpm

Two Original Corsair (in front) - Both running around 650 rpm


PSU is Corsair AX860

GPU Gigabyte 760GTX

Cooler H100i


It's a gentle whirring sound, but high-pitched enough for me to find it annoying. I tried capturing the noise with my phone, let me know what you guys think about it..




Here it is again, only now the fans are both running @ 350 rpm




The H100i radiator is mounted in the top of the case with push set-up. The radiator is fastened with 6 screws at top which all have rubber-washers. The fans sitting upside-down on the radiator are fastened with 8 screws. What else could I do to ensure the setup is not vibrating.


This is so strange =/

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