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Corsair Value RAM and ASUSTeK P5GDC Deluxe (Intel i915P)


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Hi everybody !

Do Corsair Value Ram PC3200 CL2.5 (512*2) work together using dual channel with that motherboard ? (ASUSTeK P5GDC Deluxe Intel i915P)

By the way, what are the chipsets used for that memory ? (Samsung ? Infineon ? Hynix ? Winbond ?)

Thanks in advance !

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Value Select modules are built with RAMs that are procured at the wafer level and are packaged and tested to our specifications. As such, they are not available as individual ICs, only as modules. This approach allows us to ship product with very good performance characteristics, low product cost, and a very low return rate.

But they would be based on a IC of the specific speed grade they are intended for: IE

-5ns = DDR400

-6ns = DDR333

-7.5ns = DDR266


Hope that answers it for you!

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