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H100i noise


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So I recently installed a H100i in my Obsidian 250D case and I have to say the cooling capabilities of the H100i is really impressive. But I've got this ticking/simmering kind of noise coming from the pump. I honestly don't know how much sound the pump is supposed to produce and I do know the Obsidian 250D is a fairly open case. Though the pump is the loudest part in my case and my fans (which came with the case) are currently running at 1000-1200 RPM.


According to BIOS the pump is running at 2200 RPM if that's of any help. Anyway how much noise is to be expected from the pump?


As a side question, I've got a Corsair RM 750W PSU as well. What are the benefits of buying a Corsair Link connector for the PSU? Is it going to somehow increase the performance?



Thanks in advance!

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