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M95 - prospective buyer questions


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I'm considering purchase of Corsair M95 mouse and I have a couple of questions about programmable buttons:


- if I do not assign anything to them, will they still be visible in games? eg. will they register in game settings as eg. M4, M5, M6... etc.?


- how does the sniper button actually work? Does it toggle DPI back and forth, or does it have to be pressed all the time to lower DPI?


- can sniper action be combined in macro with sth else?


- I wonder if I can use this mouse to program it for sniping mode in World of Tanks. So, with a touch of one button I would like to get sniper view with lower DPI for easier aim. When I press again, ideally, a reverse action would be great (exit sniper, increase DPI).

I can imagine this would have to be implemented with a macro that first toggle sniper mode by pressing some key (shift is default, but that's configurable in WOT), secondly changing DPI eg to 400.


Also, I have read on the web, that mouse firmware must be updated before I install Corsair software?


Any help would be appreciated :)

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I was using the M90 mouse, but recently upgraded to the M95 and it works perfectly for me. I'm not a MMO player but mostly play single player FPS types of games along with games like Oblivion, and other RPG types of games where it's good to have a number of programmable keys.


As far as I can tell if the mouse button is not programmed then it will not register in-game. You get the option of setting up 6 different onboard profiles. It's easy to program your buttons for what you want.


You can program any button to be your sniper button, and while your holding the sniper button, it will drop your dpi to what you set up in the program. Release the button and your back to normal.


As far as programming the sniper button to work with other buttons in Macro is something I don't know.


The M95 helps me play games as I'm not that comfortable using my left hand on the keyboard, but my right thumb seems to remember better.

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