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Baby Blue 250D


First custom desktop build for someone else. The client is a writer who will mainly using it for a word processing, web surfing and listening to music... Not gaming at 4K :P.


Spec list


CPU: Intel i3-4130 @ 3.4Ghz

Motherboard: GA-H97N-WIFI

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP 8Gb

SSD: Kingston 120Gb

HDD: Western Digital 1Tb

PSU: Corsair CXM430

Case: Corsair 250D

Optical Drive: Asus DVD-RW

Case Fan: Corsair AF140-LED Blue

Paint: Kobra FOB-10081 Blue


Quite a simple build, splash of paint, colour matching fans and the writers logo for the case.

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Parts for the build, looked a lot more impressive when I ordered it... but they should more than do the job!




and after half an hour in my make shift paint booth/greenhouse and most of the can of paint




bit of time to dry and I am left with this beautiful looking case.



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Have managed to use the rest of the paint up on a few external parts of the case to add some nice accents.






Also I have managed to find a copy of the clients monogram/logo and spray it onto the top. Personally I think its a nice touch.





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