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My Voyager GT 2GB died prematurely a month ago, after that I contacted support with RMA request. They approved my request. 1st, I send whole package(usbe drive, lanyard and usb cable) and after they received it, they send me replacement drive.


Replacement drive arrived in less then week (yesterday, sep 02), which is great. What is not great is that, they send me ordinary Voyager 8GB (just drive in package). In first, I was thinking, OK greater capacity drive then old one, it should be quick enough. But, no. This is the most slowest drive. It can barely write at 4.5MB/s rate (old was 5 times faster, 22-24MB/s). Read performance is OK (~24MB/s).


The part I dont understand is, how is this possible? Drive isnt the same series as old one, lower writing perfomance, poorer package. It's only bigger, thats it.


So far, Im dissapointed.



It was a mixup and they will send me the correct version of usb drive.

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