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Best Memory Solution with Asus Rampage II Extreme


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Hello to all,


being the new kid on the block here on the forums, I have been trying to get a handle on the best memory solution with this board. I have the Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition Processor 3.46 GHz 6 Core LGA 1366 - BX80613I7990X.


I was thinking of getting this set CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 found through the memory finder here http://www2.corsair.com/configurator/new_configurator_product_results.aspx?sc=&id=763615


I was also looking at the Dominator memory it and seems like there is no Triple channel Dominator set's or am I looking in the wrong place? I was hoping and thinking that the Dominator line of memory would have been better? Or is it that the Vengeance line of memory is the only option.


I would appreciate the communities assistance on this


Thanks much

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