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Is my Corsair CSSD-F120GB2 dying on me?

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Starting this morning I have to restart the PC at least 4-5 times in order to load Windows. It hangs up on Windows Logo screen. I waited like 5 minutes, then CHKDSK started automatically and has done some tests. It's pure luck if Windows loads or I get stuck on the loading screen.


I checked my SSD's status with HD Tune and Corsair Toolbox:






Is the source of the problem my SSD? If so, is there anything to do to save my SSD? Does formatting it helps? I've never done it before. Corsair Toolbox says that there's no Firmware update available btw. I never updated it before either.

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It looks like your SSD is fine. You might just need to re-install windows. I have to do this from time to time to keep everything running in tip top shape.


I actually had an issue recently where I had to re-install windows because every 15 seconds my computer would log off.

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