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M60 Wheel problem


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Hi : D


I can scroll down/up with the wheel but when i want to go more fast so push on the wheel for have the two little arrows it doesn't works, i can hear the normal click but nothing happen. I installed the last Firmware and tested the mouse with the drivers on 4 different computers, with Xp and W7 but there is no difference.

It's not very usefull for internet but for the 3D it's very important because it's impossible to navigate in a 3D space if this button doesn't works. For 3D this mouse is realy good because of his accuracy.


I hear there was problems with this mouse for the wheel but it looks more to a physical problems and my mouse is not damaged and everything works exepte this button.


Do you have an idea or something for help me(another topic etc) ?


Thx !

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Yep we can turn the wheel and see the page go down or up but his button doesn't works. What do you mean with different program ? I tried to change with the offcial program the buttons for exemple change the right click to the wheel button etc but for every fonction the wheel button never works :(:
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