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Snipping Tool invisible to Corsair Gaming Software

Frank D

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Hi, I have the K95 and I can't assign a macro button to run Snipping Tool (Calculator and Notepad run just fine).


I have the SnippingTool.exe in the System32 folder, but when I use Corsair Gaming Software to browse that folder, the file isn't there. I tried entering the file's path manually but it also doesn't work (pushing a button does nothing). I even tried creating a shortcut to the Snipping Tool and a .bat file but I can't make CGS to run those too (I get an error message that the target file is missing), though they work when I run them outside of CGS. It looks like the Snipping Tool is invisible to CGS.


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Below: Snipping Tool visible in Windows Explorer, and Snipping Tool missing when browsing the same folder with CGS


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I have found the solution! Basically SnippingTool is just a self contained utility so all you have to do is copy the file and paste it somewhere else (I have a folder C:\Utilities\ where I put it) and just short cut to the new location (but don't move it from the original location.) and it works like a charm.

I imagine that it is mostly just a permissions or ownership error, but this is a functional workaround

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