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How to configure XMP


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hi guys,


I recently purchased a Asus MAXIMUS VII RANGER, Intel Z97, Socket 1150, Motherboard which does support XMP.


I am using Corsair Memory Vengeance Pro Series Red 8GB (CMY8GX3M2B2133C9R) .


I have been reading up on XMP and according to corsairs website it should be as simple as just enabling XMP in the bios and then it should automatically select the correct settings for my memory. Is this correct?


What are the benefits of using XMP?



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With XMP memory, if you enable XMP in your XMP-compatable MB's bios, (I started out with XMP Profile #1), you will automatically get optimized memory overclocking, without having to do anything else. If you are an overclocker, you can also tweak the settings to get more performance out of the memory.
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Hi i have an asus maximus ranger VII, with an i7 4970k

and 16gb of vengance CMY16GX3M2A2133C11

i don't really want to overclock atm, and have the memory running at 1600mhz with all the other settings in auto.

what are the best timings to run at 1600mhz?

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I'm not looking to get better timings.

just what the ram should be running at.

by default the ram loads up at 1333mhz with the tested latencies


but when upped to 1600mhz it drops to 13-13 something (from memory... i'll post the the other settings when back at home tonight.)

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