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Super Short 24-Pin ATX Cable for AX760


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I could not find any information online or pictures so I am sharing this with all of you. I purchased some modular cables from ModyDIY for my Corsair AX760. I am happy with the quality of the cables but not so much with the fact that due to Corsair PSU pinning being all over the place, the 24-Pin cable does not look as clean as it could be (cables cross all over the place between the modular connectors and 24-Pin). I tried cleaning them up but can get them too look nice. So I placed an order for red ATX extension. These cables will be super clean and straight. No wires crossing each other.


In order to use this extension, I had to make a super short modular PSU cable. The first one I made was red but then realized that it stands out and I want it to be stealthy. I then made an all black cable and it looks better in my opinion. As a final touch, I used heatshrink to cover the cables. Sleeving the cables would have made them too hard to manipulate given the super small size. What are your thoughts?






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