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Fitting a Corsair H100I into a CM 690 II Advanced case


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Hey everyone!,


I'm looking to swap my current CPU cooler for the Corsair H100I and I've been reading a lot of threads and sites about if it would fit in this case and where to put it but I still have some doubts that was hoping you guys could help me with.


I have the CM 690 II Advanced Edition and I'm looking to either mount it at the top in push only or at the bottom in push/pull. For the top mounting option I'm not sure if it will fit every combination of motherboard and RAM sticks or if some would be too close to the top to fit. At a glance it seems like there's not much room there for the rad and coolers but I'll get some actual measurements once I can find my measuring tape XD.

Removing the HDD cage and mounting it at the bottom is what I'm really interested in but I'm not sure if the tube's length will be enough to go from the CPU socket all the way to the bottom while still allowing me to install 2 GTX770 VGAs. Does anyone have any info/experience on that?.


Regarding the P/P config, should it take cool air from the outside, push it through the radiator and then out into the case towards where the HDD are or pull from inside the case to outside out the bottom?.

And one last more, will any 120mm fan fit the rad or do I need to look for something specific to add 2 more to the 2 it already comes with?.


Thank you guys and sorry for the noob questions XD.

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