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Corsair M90 Mouse can't change DPI


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So I've probably had my Corsair M90 mouse for about half a year now. I've been perfectly fine using it with the stock DPI that it has which is 1200. However now I want to lower it, but i can't. I go to the "Corsair M90 mouse configuration">>> Manage Performance and then try changing to DPI 1 with 800 DPI. However there is no difference. I tried switching between DPI 1-DPI 3 and there is no noticeable difference.. I even tried changing the DPI on DPI 1 to 400 and there is still no difference. The only way I've got to change the mouse's DPI is the default "DPI UP" and "DPI DOWN" button on the mouse, but that's not the desired DPI that i want.


Is there a way to fix this? Or am i just doing something wrong..

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