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H90 pump extreme noise when at "full RPM"


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Hi guys,


this is my first build using a AIO closed loop water cooler, and so far my experience has been a very positive one. Temps are very good, usually idling at 29-30 °C in a very warm room.


As instructed, the pump is plugged into a 3-pin fan connector, and all is well if the motherboard is set to automatically control the "RPMs" on the pump. For those familiar with ASUS setting, I have it set up in "Turbo" mode, for it to ramp up "RPMs" when things start warming up in games or such.


If I disable the motherboard control for this fan connector, or set it to Full Speed, the pump makes a loud grinding noise that has me worried. it works without a hitch (temperatures are very nice), but it's an unconfortable sound. Below is a video to show.




This is only audible when the fan connector is set up for full speed or has control disabled (full speed). While being controlled and "RPMs" are brought down, the pump works as intended, whisper quiet, along with all the system.


Should I be worried?

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I give up. installed the H100i today, and hooray, pump noise is gone.... but can someone explain and direct me to anything that would help to find out why my CPU is in average 5°C hotter with the H100i than it was with the H90?? Does the included thermal paste need that much break in?


EDIT: uninstalled, wiped off the Corsair included paste/thing, reapplied some good old TX4, and reinstalled. We're al good. Temps are on par with what the H90 offered now. There's only so much you can cool a Pentium CPU in a warm room.... We're all good. I am changing the Pentium CPU, before you say anything lol.


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