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Bad stick of value select 512MB PC3200


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I have gone through a long proceedure of switching out many parts on my computer to diagnose why it was crashing randomly (first the video goes out, then the sound, so it is ultimately unusable, but the power and fans stay on). It was hard to diagnose because it would happen randomly with no apparent reason, after it was on for roughly 1 hour to half a day till it went out, except that I was always there (pressing a button on a webpage, or the like). I bought the stick as a pair to make 1GB. After a while I thought that the pair was just not working with each other, but I finally realized that the problem occurred only if a specific stick was in. I am now running on just the one 512 stick. I am posting this for an RMA, but I think that my tests have produced concrete results pointing to the specific faulty stick of RAM.
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