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Cooling Node issue with 2.7


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Hello All


I have Corsair Link Commander. One lighting node and one cooling node.


I had Corsair Link working reasonably well for a long time on version 2.4. Lights, fan control, temp sensors, etc.


I decided to update to 2.7 in hopes that some remaining small bugs got fixed.


Now, since the update, the software is not showing my 2 case fans.

Upon checking the devices with the link software, it shows now 2 lighting nodes and no cooling node. I unplugged the lighting node and software still shows one lighting node. But I only have the cooling node plugged in!


I reverted back to my 2.4 (following all the advice here about uninstalling/re-installing properly), and that old version now shows the same thing! That is, only showing "lighting node" when I only have cooling node connected and lighting node disconnected.


Somehow, software has now made my cooling node into a lighting node and left me without any fan control at all. I triied different USB header, other ports on the commander, all the usual troubleshooting tips, etc. But no change.


Has anyone got any great advise to get this resolved?


I have: H80i - f/w is 1.0.7

Link Commander - f/w is 2.06

Lighting node - f/w is 1.1.9

Cooling node - f/w is ??? (I can't see it anymore. Think it was 1.2.5)

Windows 7, 64 bit.


Thanks for any help you can provide.



Kevin Garner

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Hi kg135035,

I have had the same similar problem but with an H100 and the lightning node.

I have resolved detaching all from the Corsair Link and with a version of software with the autoupdate function (also the 2.7 can go well) I've restore the correct firmware (because the Corsair Link indicated the node as "unidentified").

After to have restored the correct node I have put again the firmware with the function of update inside the 2.4.5065 versione (the better version for my rig, at today).

The versions of firmware of Cooling node are the 1.2.5 - 1.2.8 and the 1.2.11 (I personally use this last one for the fans compatibility).

Hope this can help.


Note: I've archieved all the versions and firmware from Corsair. Is the best way to safe test the software (we are in RC...)

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