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H60 system reaching 100°C after half a year usage


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I bought the H60 about half a year ago and worked perfectly fine so far then last week when I ran some win updates and restarted the computer the BIOS gave me an CPU overheating warning.

First I thought it had something to do with the update so I did a system restore but it didn't matter.


I noticed the grid at the fan was full of dust, I vacumed it out that helped about 5-10 degree but still far from good.


Thought maybe it's the thermal paste so I purchased isopropyl alcohol and lint free cloth and cleaned the original thermal paste from the cpu and cooler and applied Arctic Silver 5 but still not good.


When I play Titanfall it can go up to even a 100 degree:


22:52:12 08/29/14 98 96 95 93

22:52:22 08/29/14 99 96 93 92

22:52:32 08/29/14 98 96 93 94

22:52:42 08/29/14 98 97 93 93

22:52:52 08/29/14 100 96 93 92

22:53:02 08/29/14 100 98 96 94


I recalibrated the Fans in the AI Suite 3 which is a tool for the mobo but still no joy. The CPU fan sensor goes up to a maximum around 2000rpm (this is the fan) and the CPU_OPT sensor which powers the pump is constantly around 4700rpm.


In idle the temp goes down to around 45-50 which is still a bit high but the problem is when it's loaded. And I remember that after the initial setup in February it never went above 60-70 degree not even under tests.


Any ideas? This is my first water cooling system so I'm quite new to this.


Could it be still a high amount of dust in the grid? My vacuum cleaner is quite crap, any better way to clean it maybe?




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Thanks for the replies, I used the compressed air on it, also used the flashlight and it looks clear but the temp is still crazy high, I just started Titanfall and during loading it already hit a 100 again.


Could poorly applied thermal paste cause this much difference? I don't think I messed it up, I'm just really out of ideas now.

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are you over clocking or tried it in the past?,,if so try lowering the oc and check temps.

if you tried oc'ing in the past,there may be a setting causing heating...

with a h60 and a 4770,it wouldnt take much to zip up the temps as this is a hot cpu.

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as far as I remember I didn't play around with the OC, the mobo does change the levels on it's own, this SW called AI suite 3 and uses the intel turbo mode but other than that it is the normal config


I noticed something strange

the sensors measured by aida64 and core temp 1.0 R6 are different from this AI suite 3 temp, see screenshot, you can also see the voltage and fan speed:


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