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New System (oc Help)

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Just got my new system together and need some oc advice.

System parts

M/B -msi k8n neo2 plat nforce3 939 socket

Athlon64 3500 939 socket

Coolmaster ultra vortex processor fan

Corsiar Ram Twinx 1024-3200xl

Ati 9800 pro vid card

western digital 74 gig raptor

Enermax noisetaker 420 watt


My question is that my rig runs very stable at stock setting but when increasing fsb to 210 or increasing my dynamic overclocking feature it will lock up on me.Have been playing with ram timming with 2 settings

cas 2

trcd 2

trp 2

tras 5

2t timings enable - if on auto sytem will not boot up

clock speed 200 mhz


Was told by the ram guy to try these settings

cas 2

trcd 3

trp 2

tras 11

Have set ram volt to 2.8,system still freezes whem ocing.

On this m/b i have some new setting DYNAMIC OVERCLOCKING feature,I have tried increasing this to and still the same out come locks up.when ocing do have to disable the dynamic oc feature or high performance mode.There is some other setting iam not sure if i need to adjust





Sorry for sounding like a big noob but i would like to squeeze all the power i can out of my system.I hope someone can help me with my problem.

PS remember the beer is on me! thanks warrior68

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There are some features on that MOBO I will need to look into. However, I suggest you start by disabling the Dynamic Overchoking and any other performance related settings. They usually do not "play nice" with others so to speak and will interfere with any manual settings you try to enter. Try that along with the settings suggested by RAM GUY.


Good luck, Mike.

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