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Corsair hi80 frying my cpu


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I have a hi80 water cooling that i installed about 2-3 month ago. I used my computer for the weekend with no problems at all, but wensday i start my pc and it sounded like some tick noises from the computer. The startup was normal besides that but 5 min later my pc turned off by itself. I realized it was because of overheating and i waited 10 min before trying to turn on my pc again.


My corsair hi80 on the cpu is blinking red at startup and honestly cant remember if it is supposted to but my logic says that blinking red is not good. After 1-2 min (windows is booted) it turns solid white/blue white.

I can see in the corsair link program that my cpu is about 75 C' and the temperatur is rising slowly.

My fans are working and because i thought i was dust in the fans or radiator i looked for that is almost nothing. It look like the temperture in the radiator is very high but i do not understand why.


Any Ideas? I have not overclocked my I7 2600 cpu - installed with prepaced fans etc. Done nothing out of the ordinary and think it is weird that it worked this weekend and not now.


I have not tried to reset anything at the moment and im not sure where i can try to reset the hi80.


Thanks in advance.

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