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noobie looking for help on custom loops

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I've built 7 custom gaming computers, ranging from low end (i3 single channel, cpu graphics) to high end (i7 triple channel triple SLI) and on my current build, listed on my profile, my case is more than sturdy enough to handle a custom loop. however i have no idea which parts to use or where to get them.
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CommanderSJ2, there are a number of questions that must be answered before anyone can give you specific help:


1) What case are you using? (Are you sticking with your current case listed in your spec?)

2) What are you hoping to include in your loop? GPUs, CPU and RAM?

3) What else is in the case what sort of space do you have?


I tend to eye-ball cases when building water loops. Stick all the components into the case and see what space I've got. What I would say though if this is your first water loop is you need to ask yourself how confident you are?


Maybe start small, a single pump / reservoir with capacity to grow the loop, something like the XSPC Acrylic DDC Dual Bay Reservoir with a Laing DDC pump would be a good beating heart to the system. And maybe add just a single radiator and cool your CPU only initially.


As to brands I use / like XSPC, EK Water Blocks, Primochill, Bitspower mainly. Have dabbled with Monsoon fittings on friends PCs, and the do seem pretty solid too. The other thing to consider is what type of tubing you will use. I'm not talking colour / diameter here (although those things are important) I'm talking the difference between Flexi hose and rigid acrylic tubing that requires 'bending'. If this is your first loop I'd advice flexi hose as it is way more forgiving.


If you provide more info on what you want to do, or have further questions I can help. Not built my own PC in 5 years, but I have helped customise friends PCs over that time, mainly with water loops.

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