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K95 RGB on the horizon? How about RGB TenKeyLess style keyboard?


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While I am excited about the prospects of the new Corsair K95, K70 and M65 upgraded RGB editions, I was surprised to see one particularly glaring omission to the lineup - lack of a M95 product! While the M65 is a solid option and I am sure the RGB variant will be a considerable improvement, I'm of the opinion that the truly innovative Corsair mouse is the M95.


The M95 is unique amongst "MMO style, tons of buttons" in that the layout of said buttons is above and beyond any other competitor, in my mind. Instead of a simple "grid" layout, the M95 has the buttons arranged in a manner that allows each one tactile identification, and more importantly includes a button-less "thumb-rest zone" in the center, which allows the user additional grip and help in maneuvering the mouse without worrying about pressing a button unintentionally. Thus, I was disappointed to find that the M95 had not been announced to be upgraded as part of the RGB series. Is there a plan for a revised and upgraded M95 (RGB, or perhaps another moniker?) coming soon? Has the model been put into its EOL? I'd consider it a great loss amongst this mousing type if the M95 was not planned for any updates, but I'd rather know for sure than keep wondering.


In addition, I've been speaking to a number of hardware enthusiasts regarding the RGB keyboards and though the K95 and K70 fulfill their niches admirably, there is still the desire for a more compact "Ten-Key-Less" variant. Perhaps there could even be two models - one similar to the existing K65, and another with an ultra-compact layout similar to the "Deck 82" ( http://www.deckkeyboards.com/product/deck-82 ) or "Ducky Mini" ( http://www.duckychannel.com.tw/en/ducky-mini/ ). Of course, both TKL could have the full suite of features found in the K95 and K70 (ie media keys, volume, ability to set macros to each key, programmable lighting, premium aluminum case top etc..)...just more compact! Thus, there would be a full-featured Corsair RGB series keyboard for every size preference!



I'd greatly appreciate any further information possible on the subject. Thanks for your time.


Edit: Bah. If any moderator sees this, could they change the "K95" in my title to "M95". Thanks -_-

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