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new build H80i very high temps with stock settings 4960X


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Hi all,


I just built a new PC with a Corsair H80i cooler, and in BIOS I'm seeing the CPU temperature climb rapidly to 84C. After booting into Windows 7 x64, I see the temperatures drop to around 65C, but that's nearly the maximum temp for this processor.


I pulled the pump block off the CPU, and it looked like there was good coverage of the thermal compound. To be sure there is enough pressure, I took the mounting bracket off the pump and added some 2mm foam tape between the bracket and the pump. This effectively presses the pump block against the CPU harder. I wiped off the original thermal compound and applied AS5. But when I rebooted and checked the temperatures were the same or a little worse.


I was able to get the pump and fans recognized in Corsair Link after manually removing the devices from Device Manager and letting the computer find them again. Link reports the pump is running around 2,400 rpm, and both fans are running 2,500 rpm. I have the case running next to the cold air outlet of an A/C unit in my office, and the case was open, so ambient temperature isn't the problem.


I felt the pump block was warm, but only one of the two hoses going to the radiator was warm - the other felt cool to the touch. The radiator was cool also.


I opened a help ticket yesterday. Any suggestions?





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Isn't that how a radiator is supposed to work, hot water goes up one pipe into the rad, is cooled by the fans and cool water goes down the other pipe? Won't shaking it just introduce more bubbles?


yes it sure would create more bubbles and cause erratic temps,however if there's a blockage of some sort then shaking may dislodge it but then you would have the small bubble issue to contend with.

So shake her up only as a last resort...

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I dont understand the bubbles thing. Isnt this shipped from a factory overseas to stores, which ship to you, or you buy off the shelf, then drive home? Thats a lot of agitation far before you even get mounted to your cpu. So how can you really create any more bubbles?


Anyways. I have a 4960x and a h100i. I idle at 30c, and at load 55c. Core temps are about 62c at load. Now the max temp of 65c is bs. No one really knows what the max temp is, but it certainly isnt 65c. Intel's website says it, but supposedly thats for the cpu, not the core temps. I've seen plenty of people review the cpu and have run it in the 70s or higher. Not that I would if i didnt have to (and i dont, so i dont) :) Also people say the tj max is around 90-100 for the chip. I dont knwo the real max temp of the chip and I wish i knew but 65c seems incredibly low compared to other intel chips which max around 85-100. I'm not sure intel's max temp of 65c is realistic at all. It seems lik e a bizzarely low max temp.


Again i get 55c at load cpu temp. Core temp is 62c roughyl, this is at 4.5 and 4.6 speeds so that should give you a ballpark figure.


In the winter I get lower idle temps. Also before I bought the 750d case, i had lower idle/load temps. The 750d kind of sucks for airflow due to the front blocking all the damn air intakes. Also my gpu exhaus into the case unfortunately. Previously i just had the radiator outside my case in an air conditioned room and I had the side of my old case off. So degrees went up quite a bit with the 750d case. Corsair should work on that although no enclosed case can really compete with radiator outside of case, and side of case off with a gpu exhausting inside case... so i dont blame corsair really. Its an unfair comparison.


For that CPU.. seriously get a better cooler. The smaller radiator of the h80i should never have been an option for you. Go with the bigger radiators, more fans etc. H100i or better.


Your temps to look high but I cant compare as i dont have an h80i myself but hopefully my temps will give you an idea of where they can or should be.

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