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Guys n Gals,


Had a faulty module replaced by your good selves back in March. Its an XMS3200C2PT 512Mb stick. After I received the replacement all was fine. It, along with it's identical twin, was only running at DDR333 as I was running an XP3000 chip at that time.


Since then, I have purchased an XP3200 chip which runs at 200Mhz FSB and so I looked forward to finally unleashing the power of the system and running at the magical DDR400! But no.. it has not proved to be the case. The system refuses to boot with the memory set to run at 200Mhz. The chip runs fine but I can't run in sync.


I should mention here that I run my pc totally at stock and don't do overclocking. I have found it to be a largely pointless process and purchased Corsair for its reputation of quality and not for it's overclocking potential!


Anyways, I have recently been introduced to CPU-Z, which I am sure you will know is a display tool for CPU and Memory information etc. I noticed that in the "SPD" section, my original stick is shown as an XMS3200C2PT but is shown to be rated as 200Mhz. But the new stick - the replacement from yourselves - is shown with the same p/n but is only rated as 166Mhz.


Could you please tell me if this is the reason my system will not boot as DDR400?


Thanks in advance,



PS see attached CPU-Z screen shots for more info.. :sigh!:




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