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Hey everyone just wanted to start a thread on the m65 and thrive upon getting the most out of this mouse.


I started off with a few test which I perform on any new mouse I purchase to test it's quality and performance. First is the traditional one pixel paint tool and doing some doodles. Here's what I managed to draw with 2ms/950dpi. Why 950 you may ask? It's the current dpi that seems to fit my style with games at 1.00 sensitivity in game.



This is a test for any negative or positive mouse acceleration.



So far everything seems quite top notch, only thing that felt weird was I kind of felt like the mouse was purposely pulling me down when i was drawing the grid but then again an accurate mouse will read my movements quite well so it could just be me. (I've only had this mouse for 3 days now and still testing it out)


I have the Xtrac Ripper XXL and the mouse software reads it at 3 bars. So I was also pondering getting a new mouse pad but not sure where to look yet. Gonna do some research later on for that plus i've had this mouse pad for almost 4 years. lol


Besides all that jazz, I was wondering if anyone knew if this mouse has a specific dpi it performs best at. I know some mouses have a native dpi and I couldn't really find much about the m65.


I also encountered a weird mouse accel in game when I move too fast. Which is weird considering the mouse recorder program read the mouse at having none. I know games act weird when in game so I need to test it in another game when I get a chance.


On a side note I must say I truly love the feel and design of the mouse. Probably the best ergonomics in a mouse I've ever encountered! I think this mouse would be immortal with the logitech g502 sensor in it. But I'll make some updates on my set up and if I make any changes but first I need to go do some fragging! :):laughing:

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I received my m65 yesterday. I'm having the exact same acceleration as you in counter strike global offensive. The mouse recorder says it is 1 to 1, yet the sensors built in acceleration seems way over the top. I had to switch back to my broken razer mamba 2012. The thing has been set on fire and still works... sort of
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Ah, interesting. I have only used it in Wolfenstein: Enemy-Territory. I'm now using 1000dpi with 2ms. I also have the no mouse accel patch through windows too. The weird thing is when I do the horizontal experiment in game I always seem to go pass my original spot by half an inch or so. But the sensor is so responsive I can actually predict it and stop at the spot by coming to a halt but not reaching the spot I originally started from.


If this is a DPI issue I hope someone from corsair could shed some light on this? Because I know majority of mouses have a native dpi but some claim all dpi's are native like the g502 from logitech which also moves in 50 point increments on the dpi scaler.

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