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Bad stick of Corsair Value Select 512mb 333


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You can see where this sucker is literally fried. I was playing Doom3 when the computer froze and there was massive artifacting on screen. I rebooted and it froze/crashed again. After this it would not boot up. I went through and replaced nearly everything trying to track this down. Today I go and tear it down again for giggles and I find that two of the gold contact pins are carbon black and one has flaked off.


Anyhow, it was run in this setup (AXP 2600+/Abit AT7-E) untouched for months until this catastrophic failure. It was running at the factory 166/333FSB and at the default voltages.


Included is a slightly blurry picture of the DIMM. You can see the damage to two of the traces on the right-hand side.


Now, despite finding and removing this failed memory stick the computer is still not booting, even after replacing the CPU, motherboard, PSU and HDD. I think its safe to say the memory isn't the only thing at fault, but do you have any ideas what might be causing a no boot/no BIOS/no HDD activity situation at this point? Thanks for your help.


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