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SP120 vs AF120 bottom fan


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I have a Corsair 760T case. I need help to chose the bottom fan for this case: do you think I should buy an air-flow fan such as the AF120 or a static-pressure fan as the SP120?


According to these pictures, SP fan are always better, but this sounds strange to me... also in that point there is not much resistance behind the fan.




Thanks for any feedback.

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I have the 750D which basically same case. Almost bought the 760T. It was a tough choice.


I have af120 on the bottom and it moves air very well down there. You can feel it up to the video card (first slot up top).


The problem though is, do you plan to put a filter on it? I can tell you that with a fine mesh magnetic filter it cuts off airflow quite a bit. This is where the SP may do better but I have SP140s on the front intake since they are blowing over/through the stacked hard drive cages and the front filter impacts their performance. That filter isnt as fine a mesh as the mesh at the bottom. The fact is filters will hurt fan performance.


So it comes down to are you putting a filter on the fan on the bottom and if so, how fine is the wire mesh on it? If not, AF120 is fine and I can say it moves air very well. Dont be concerned about it being on the bottom or close to the desk etc. AF120 will blow a good deal of air in from the bottom when its unfiltered. Again if it is filtered, It really depends on how fine the mesh is, but too fine and its going to choke any fan as all filters choke fans, fine or not, SP or not.


Now I will add that I've been playing with this a lot lately myself. The bottom intake is nice to have because it helps cool the hard drives and brings some cooler air into the case, but its not a significant amount that will really improve much other than hard drive temps. (assuming you have the HD cages stacked in the front, justified towards the bottom of the case.)


Right now I have the af120 with the filter on it. Since its a magnetic filter, i can remove it at anytime. I may try the SP120 but as i said before a filter will choke a fan no matter what, and the filter I'm using is very fine so i doubt an SP would make much of a difference.

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