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Possible AX850 issue?


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I have been experiencing an issue with my computer that first happened about 6 months ago on my PC. I'm running a Corsair H80 on my processor, and when I booted up my PC, it appeared that the pump on the device never started. To add to the issue, on attempted restarts to see if the issue would fix itself, I noted that occasionally the fans wouldn't start. Usually during the attempted fix, I would move my tower to a different location to work on it (thus unplugging all my USB devices). When I did this, and replugged them in, my USB ports would act all screwy until I eventually managed to plug them all in correctly.


Eventually this issue would resolve itself, but it would show up either a couple days later, or maybe even a week. This issue didn't happen for about 6 months, until yesterday morning when it happened again. Except this time it did something new, I don't think it was providing full power to my second video card. The card was running, but the OS wasn't detecting it. So I took the second card out, booted the PC, shut down, and reinstalled the card, and suddenly it was working.


Also to mention, when the fan wasn't working the CPU was failing. I believed this to be caused by the heat (it was sitting at about 85C or so before I noticed the failures). I'm not sure what Intel's maximum safe operating temperature is, but I doubt 85C is the maximum.


I believed the issue to be coming from two places. Either it was the motherboard, or it was the PSU. Well yesterday when I plugged everything back in and had the system running, I noticed an intermittent clicking noise coming from what sounded like the PSU. These clicks happened in about 4-5 bunches, and ranged from anywhere between 5 seconds to several minutes in frequency of bunches.


I posted a similar post to this on Tom's Hardware, and someone believed the PSU to be the culprit. After thinking on it for a while, I think he may be onto something. All of these issues appear to be power related (but very easily could also be related to the motherboard if power is not being distributed correctly). The pump not working correctly, the CPU failures, the video card not being detected by the OS - All of these lead me to believe my PSU is failing.


I mostly want an opinion from some people who are more familiar with PSUs. I'm thinking I just played the lottery poorly when I purchased this PSU, and finally after slightly more than a year of use (and not overly intensive use on a regular basis), the PSU is finally starting to show its flaws.

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Sounds like a motherboard problem.


The PSU is either delivering power or it's not. It's not going to deliver power to some parts of your computer and not others. If a particular rail (+12V, +5V or +3.3V) wasn't working, it wouldn't not work on one peripheral, but be fine for all others.

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