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KV8-Pro & TWINX CMX512R-3200C2PT


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3 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets support max. 3GB un-buffered ECC and non-ECC PC3200/PC2700 / PC2100 DDR SDRAM memory
That is from THIS PAGE


Your board will not support registered RAM. It is supposed to support ECC RAM but, that is NOT the same as registered. Occasionally, MOBOs that are designed for unbuffered (unregistered) RAM will boot with a single stick of registered RAM. However, you do have the wrong RAM for you MOBO.


I'd suggest you find and use the RAM Configurator here on the Corsair Forum and find a better match for your MOBO. Personally, I'd suggest a single 1024mb stick of PC3200C2 if you want a full gig of RAM.



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