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CMD8GX3M4A1333C7 suddenly erroring


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I've had my CMD8GX3M4A1333C7 kit for a few years now and about 2 weeks ago I suddenly noticed programs crashing and was getting bluescreens. I was running them at 8-8-8-8-22 2T at 1.7v because they have been a bit temperamental from the beginning.


So I ran memtest86+ 4.20 and saw some errors. I experimented a bit with timings and voltage settings but never got them stable.


I even increased the timings to 10-10-10-26 2T and at 1.775v, but still the same errors: http://imgur.com/aXpZ2tQ


So next I removed the sticks from slot #2 and #4 to see which one of the sticks is faulty.

When I ran memtest with the sticks in slots #1 and #3 I got errors: http://imgur.com/fYNa0gi


But when I ran memtest with a single stick (#1 OR #3) it ran ok for 6 hours.


I'm not really sure how to proceed from here. Is there anything I can still try with the BIOS settings? Are the RAM faulty? Is it the mainboard?


BIOS settings:





The PC specs of my profile are up to date

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Ok I've managed to get them stable (tested OK for 8 hours) with 11-11-11-24 at 1.75v dram and 1.325v NB in gangen modes. And I increased some other voltages as well.


But that's obviously quite far from the timings the sticks should run with and used to run with. They instantly error with my old settings although they were stable with them until recently.

So I'm still wondering, is it the RAM, mainboard or CPU that's faulty?

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