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Dominator Platinum + Commander Mini?


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Good day,


I currently own 4 X 8Gb of Dominator Platinum 2400Mhz modules and recently purchased the commander mini from the corsair site. I've searched the web to find out how to "link" my memory modules to the commander and I've come up empty handed.


I do know that each memory module has a corsair link port on them. Do I just connect each module to each of the four inputs on the commander mini? The way the link ports are placed on the memory modules, once installed only one port is accessible due to the others being blocked by the module installed on that specific side. Surely I'm missing something here.


Also is it as easy as just connecting the memory to the commander mini? There is no documentation online that explains the install process for memory and corsair link technology.


Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.



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You have to install the corsair memory fan to your ram and then you connect that to the mini commander. You can connect your ram directly to the mini.


It's annoying as hell as I hate the memory cooler.. So the only item that isn't connected to link is my memory.

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To be specific, the Dominator Platinum must be connected to the Airflow Pro. The AF Pro will then need to be installed on the Airflow fans (unless you want it dangling in your computer). The AF Pro will then be connected to the Commander or Commander Mini via a cable that is part of the Link accessory cable kit.


Ta da. You've successfully installed the AF Pro into your system. But wait, there's more!


IF you have 2.7.5339 AND you're using the Commander Mini, the AF Pro, unfortunately, will not display the DRAM temp and activity.:(: Why? Code wasn't written for it on the Commander Mini. Previous Link versions and Commander unit works perfectly fine with the AF Pro, though:o:.

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