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H80 CWCH80/RF leaking green stuff.


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Hello, I just purchased and installed a refurbished H80 CPU Cooler. Everything seemed to be working fine, idol at 33, prime95 max 61. After running prime95 for an hour or so I happened to notice some moisture on the inner radiator fan. I powered down, opened up, and discovered green slime oozing from one of the hose connections at the pump.

Was able to remove the H80 before any damage was done to my components. Super glad I sprung for the windowed case!!

Anyway, I submitted a support ticket and am waiting to hear back. I've never had a Corsair product fail on me before. Should I take it back to the store, or just go through the RMA process. I bought the H80 two days ago.

Any advice on how to get something sorted quickly is greatly appreciated. Kinda stuck with nothing at the moment, A buddy was here when I installed the cooler and when I saw the happy temps I let him take my stock fan and heatsink :(

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