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350D intake fans


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Hi guys and gals!


I have what should be a quick and easy question for you knowledgeable folks to answer. I have a Corsair 350D case and I would like to add/replace some of my fans. My current fan setup is as follows, stock 140mm front intake, stock rear exhaust (120mm?) and two 1200 fans that came with my h100i in a push configuration mounted to the top of my case. Currently one of the fans attatched to my radiator is dead (I got a message from one of Corsair's reps today that they would be sending me a new one) and that got me thinking that I should upgrade some of my cooling since I run a pretty aggressive overclock. Is it possible to use the stock 140mm intake fan in the front of the case with an additional 120mm intake fan mounted either above, or below it?I think you can use either 2x120mm fans or 2x140mm fans, but I haven't been able to find anything regarding the use of both 120mm and 140mm intake fans in the front of the case. You may be wondering why I wouldn't use two matching fans, and that's a good question. It's simply becasue I'm trying to reuse an extra 120mm fan that currently isn't in use. I'm looking forward to your answers, and thank you for the help!

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