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Suggestion: Book-like ITX chassis/SteamMachine from Corsair


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I don't like towers nor cube form factors ! I have a narrow desk and I always preferred book-like slim chassis!


I think Corsair should make an ITX book-like or Steam Machine chassis.

We got towers and cubes but I think Corsair is lacking both book-like chassis and also server chassis.


For the book-like chassis, I would take a look to these as inspiration:


A) The Silverstone Raven RVZ01 itx :




But that chassis has several problem you should fix :


1. Make the top part completely meshes-grilled. Silverstone's case has a big problem there: they just made some holes and the hot air cannot escape enough fast there.


2. All their fans only support 120mm, not 140mm.


3. The optical slot does not allow caddy-like devices, just direct-slot-insert ones like this: http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=410&area=en

but I would need a caddy-one like http://www.digistor.com/Optical-Drives/Blu-ray-Drives/Panasonic-UJ-260-Internal-Blu-ray-Burner-SATA-Tray-Load-Drive-with-Multimedia-and-Archive-Suites


4. It's very difficult to place a watercooling AIO in the CPU side.

AIO can be installed on the other side, but at the cost of removing the graphics card. If you could design the chassis in a way a 120mm AIO could be placed on the CPU side + a dual rad without having to remove the GPU it will be fantastic.


5. It has no power on/off button near the power supply cable.


6. It uses a rigid PCI Express riser. A flexible one will be better.


7. The hard disk mounting point near the power suplly makes the HDD to heat fast. It will be better to place the 3 1/2 HDD in other place, preferably near some air flow or near a fan.


8. Size is important. You should try to keed the dimensions to the minimum ( ideally width <=160mm/6.3inch, height<380mm/14.96inch, depth<=350mm/13.77inch ).



B) The Digital Storm Bolt II allows a dual-radiator, which is good:




C) The Falcon Northwest Tiki :



but I would really to keep the optical drive, usb and all the connectors always on the front side.



D) The new LianLi PC-Q19 itx chassis:



which is too expensive, hate aluminium due to dactilar marks, lacks slim optical drive hole, it's too short for a serious GPU and lacks watercooling AIO support.



And, of course, you should also make SFX power supllies, like this 600W Gold-certified small beauty:



Thanks ! :D:

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