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GS600 'pulses' or 'surges', LED blinks, won't power system


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Sorry if this particular issues has been brought up before but I searched and wasn't able to find anything just like this...


Installed a GS600 in my old HP and it had been running great. Computer got packed up for about 7 months and just brought back online last week. After the hours of OS and app updates, the PC was working fine.


Last night, came into the office and the computer was down. Powered on via the PC power switch and got a sort of 'surging' or 'pulsing' sound from the CPU fan with a corresponding blink of the LED on the PSU. Thought maybe I had issues with HW so I unplugged each peripheral one by one, pulled my RAM stick by stick, basically took it down to a case, MB, and PSU, and still get the same symptom.


When it gets into this mode, the PC power switch also blinks in time with the PSU LED, and the DVD drive light flickered. I am unable to shut the machine down with the power switch, I need to use the switch on the PSU. At this point I'm thinking it's gotta be either the PSU or the MB. Any thoughts or other things I can check before I start swapping components between old PCs?


Thanks in advance...



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